What is Technical Analysis and How to Do It?

Technical Analysis in English:– It is very important for those who trade in the stock market to learn technical analysis. Through technical analysis you can predict the price movement of any stock.

If you trade without technical analysis, you will suffer loss instead of profit, it is just like shooting an arrow in the air.

But on the Other Hand, Any Other Trader

  1. Understands chart patterns well
  2. Seen the momentum of the stock and its volume
  3. Uses different tools and indicators
  4. Analyses historical price data
  5. Looks at support and resistance
    So after seeing all these things, when he trades, there is a high possibility that he will make profit from trading.

The purpose of technical analysis is to find the right opportunity to trade in a stock or index so that one can earn money by entering and exiting that stock at the right time.

You can use technical analysis not only in stock market but also in derivatives, currency (Forex) and commodity markets. Also, some people also use technical analysis in the crypto market.

I Will Tell You That:-

What is technical analysis?
How many types of technical analysis are there?
Why is it important to do technical analysis?
What is the work of technical analysis?
What all comes in it,
How is technical analysis done?
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