How Can We Meet God?

Meeting God,Ishwar having a religious or spiritual experience depends on one’s individual religious discipline, faith and spiritual practice. The process of meeting God depends on the specific religion, tradition, and personal characteristics of the person. There are some major ways in which people try to meet God.

Meditation: Meditation is a process in which a person keeps his mind calm and still, which shows his inner meditation and inner awareness. Through yoga and meditation, people try to achieve a transcendental experience with God or Ishwar.

Prayer: Prayer is a means of connecting with God in a way based on the path of devotion. People express their prayers and wishes to God and seek help and guidance from God.

Satsang and Worship of Guru: Satsang is listening to the story of God in religious gatherings and meeting with fellow devotees. The worship of the Guru is based on the Guru’s teachings and guidance.

Self-Realization (Atma Gyan): In some religious traditions, Atma Gyan is important. People try to understand their soul here and become one with God.

Karma Yoga: Another process of meeting God is karma yoga, in which a person does his karma (action) selflessly, without any desire for other followers. Through the medium of Karma yoga, a person purifies his soul and surrenders it to God.

Bhakti Yoga: People who walk on the path of devotion are filled with love and devotion to God. By worshiping God, one attains love and devotion towards God.

These are the main methods, but each person’s religious experience may be different. You must allow yourself to find the right path according to your mind and inner experience. Keep in mind that the path to meeting God or achieving cosmic experience depends on the individual’s individual devotion, samvedana, and sadhana.

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